Friday, October 19, 2012

Why do I lose always?

They say - "The chances of winning is always less"
I say - "It's Win or Lose. So the chances are 50-50, always"

They say - "Success follows hard work"
I say - "Why the hell God gave us BRAIN!"

They say - "Only I lose always"
I say - "By making this comparative illogical statement, you can now decide how dumb you are"
We all want to succeed in whatever we do, and why not! I start everything with the success in my mind. Honestly speaking, I have got success in only few things I have done, and I am not sad about it. Be it win, be it lose, it is always mine.

Winning or losing is again comparative words. What is Win for me, can be Lose for you. For example, if I wanted to clear my college with grade B+, but for you B+ is a curse. So, it is always you who decides whether you have got success or not. If you have worked for something, you succeeded to do it. If you have not worked on something, you have lost it.

I will finish this post by saying, "You will lose if you will not fight"

Fight for every bloody right of yours, or for anything you want to do.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why do we want to go back?

I will call it 'My inability to manage different things' because of which I was not able to post even a single blog post in the last 5+ months. But I am glad to announce that I am back with a pure intention of being regular for all of you.

Yes, you read it right - I am back. Have you ever thought on why we wish to go back to the old days of our life? (I am sure that most of us wish that) For me, the prime reason will always be feelings attached. Ask an American who has been working in a foreign country for more than 15 years and have been meeting his family in every 2-3 years. Ask a kid who left his home just because he got beaten up by his dad for stealing some pennies. Do they ever think of going back? Yes, they do.

Each of us would want to have a great future. But, only few of us were able to take the loved ones with them in the journey. The American working in a foreign country might be earning huge money, but he definitely miss earning that old salary of $500 a month and spending that with his wife and kids. The kid who left his home might have reached heights after leaving the home, but he will definitely miss those slaps from his father. 

We all want to go back, but very few of us have the courage to do so. Take the step. If you are in a situation where you can increase your happiness, go back. Go back and grab your happiness. You can start your journey after taking your loved ones with you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Dream, I Do, I Fail, and I Quit

This is something which is common between many of us. There are many situations when I realized that I do not have it in me to work for the thing I want to achieve. That is where I always quit. 

Even after knowing that it is ME who is stepping back here, I somehow convinced my inner self that I would try to do something better than this. That "something better" always replaced another "something better", and I got nothing. That is my story, that might be yours too.

I wanted to learn something out of those failures, so I tried to find out the reason behind me quitting things. Lets take it this way. When you want to push a car, you require an initial boost which has to be good enough to make the car move. But once the car starts moving, all you need is the equal force which will be lesser than what you used earlier.

Coming back to the implications on Life, your dreams are something which you want to achieve. The initial boost required to work on your dreams will be proper homework, planning, self-motivation and support. The initial boost decides your success or failure.

Work real hard and serious till you make your first move. And once you will be make your first move, your previous moves will help you motivating yourself for further moves.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What I have is not what I always wanted

Dream of having the best toy ever;
Dream of having the best friends in school ever;
Dream of having studied in the best school/college;
Dream of having the best job ever;
Dream of having the best love ever.

These are some of the most common dreams which we all have/had. Some got fulfilled, some do not. But one thing will always remain in us – We never stop dreaming. It is only the inner wish to work for the dream that we start putting efforts to achieve that goal.
We start the initial efforts with enough hard work and determination. But what do you think of the reason behind some of us achieving the set goals and some not achieving it. It may be the lack of hard work, smart work, determination, or something else. But one big reason is the inability to access your progress.
Let us take the reference of the following life graph. We are at the point O. The point we want to reach is A. The journey is the straight line, but there are some things in our life which divert us a little. These things can be our friends, family, or anyone/anything else. That diversion seems so negligible that we find ourselves on the right track. Say right now (after the less diversion), we are at the point which is at 2x vertical distance from the line OA.
I will completely agree with the point that this diversion is too small for that instance. And this is what goes wrong. This small diversion finally takes us to the point B. When we reach point B, we realize that this is not something I dreamed of.
The best way to avoid this situation is to access you at each stage. I do understand that some so-called diversions are tough to avoid; and it will be always wise to return to the right track even if you are at 2x distance from the actual line.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lousy Questions, Lousy Answers

Introspection - what a word! And it will not be wrong to say that it really helps. But what if you do it the way you are not supposed to do it. 
I have seen many people who practice self-motivation and introspection. Some are real successful in this as they really do understand their true self, but some have messed it up. Lets have a look at some of the good questions to help yourself get motivated.

1. You say - "If he can do it, why cannot I do it?" Your inner-self says - "Yes, you can do it too."
2. You say - "This time I will give the best." Your inner-self says - "Yes, you will."

These can be some of the most common questions which you usually ask to our inner-self, and you do get positive answers. But there are many of you who always have lousy questions for your inner-self. Lets have a look at it.

1. You say - "I am the world's most idiot person." Your inner-self says - "Yes, you are."
2. You say - "I am not going to get anything by doing this." Your inner-self says - "Yes, you will get nothing."

Your inner-self is not programmed for giving positive answers only. It works the way you want it to work. You ask positive questions, you get positive answers. Next time, when you practice this exercise keep in your mind that the inner-self works on the same principle of GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out. 
Now you decide whether you have Garbage for yourself, or something useful.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feel Proud of yourself!

Spending last two days in not-so-normal mood, I was continuously thinking of the reason behind it. I had a fight? No. I lost something? No. Anything else unusual? A big NO. I am 100% sure that I am not the only who felt like this, or Am I?
After getting back to normal, I started thinking about something which I am proud of. Why? I wanted to know if there is anything I am happy for. I wanted to know something I think I have done very well. I wanted to know which makes me feel little different from others.
When I say PROUD, I do not mean the dominant feeling of putting yourself over others. I just mean the inner sense of feeling your worth, your importance. Think about any moment, any work, any instance, which you are proud of. It can be you having good muscles, you donating to the poor and needy, you helping others, or anything else. 
It will not be wrong to say that when we feel proud of ourselves, our body language changes completely. The straight head starts looking in the sky, the nervous eyes becomes alert, the bent shoulder gets filled with air, and we start moving as if we rule the world. Isn't it? Whatever you do in that feeling is your best.  
There are many of us who think they are good for nothing, or they get disappointed so early. This post is dedicated to all those friends. You see things when you want to see. You may not notice Red color around you unless you try to. And when you try to notice Red color, you find it even if it is not rarely visible.
What are you proud of?